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newLife is proud to support six Christian initiatives around the globe. Four of these focus particularly on transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Another supports a young couple on mission in Equador who are very dear to newLife having been part of newLife’s ministry leadership for a number of years. The remaining initiative is geared towards helping the fledgling Pentecostal churches in Slovenia by providing leadership support and training.

You can find out about each of these projects by clicking the summaries below or on the drop-down links in the International section of the main menu bar.

Because the earth is full of amazing church-launched ministries we have to ensure that we partner with those which are best suited to what newLife has to offer; we use the acronym F.A.M.E to help us decide which.


Is the ministry showing genuine signs of fruitfulness? Is it growing and expanding in the way that it should?


Is the ministry accountable with its finances, providing good account of its spending of donations? Are its leaders accountable to a governing body and an overarching oraganisation?


Is the ministry willing to have a helpful level of mutuality? Will they be willing to visit newLife? Are they willing to receive mission trips from newLife?


Is the ministry doing its very best with what it has available? Does it represent Jesus well?

newLife organises one LONG HAUL and at least one SHORT HAUL visit to an overseas ministry partner each year. To express your interest in joining a short term missions trip use the form below:

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